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This year will be my 20th year participating and my 13th leading a Hot Pink Feathers contingent in it.

I have about 13 dancer costumes for this year.  They are the big red heart costumes with red rose bikinis that you see in the 2 photos here.  1/3 are already reserved from the women who asked to be on the Priority Carnaval List, and another 1/3 is planning to reserve their hearts (lol) by the end of today.

For full details & how to reserve your place in the parade of hearts, scroll down past the circle of Awakening Showgirl ecstatic faces.  (I can also email you a pdf with the same information, but rich with PHOTOS that did now transfer to this page ; ( fact PLEASE ask me to see the document with photos!  I just spent the morning creating it and would love to share it with you!!).

The theme this year is the Heart of San Francisco.  We Awakening Showgirls will be wearing our hearts on our....backs!

Live in another city or country but would like to join us?  You can ::  by preparing a bit at home via video and coming to San Francisco for one long weekend at the end of May!

All My Love!


PS The Early Bird savings is hefty!  Take advantage of it and register today.  You'll save some beans, and rest assured that your big red heart will be saved for you!  Registration at the bottom of the document below this photo....

San Francisco Grand Carnaval Parade

Join Hot Pink Feathers, the Showgirl Burlesque Cabaret Troupe
Revel. Reveal. Receive



“The essence of Carnaval is a hearty and public CELEBRATION of what it means to be LIFE in a body …
A celebration of senses, a visual feast, and a procession of many cultures, traditions, and unique expressions of life.”
– Kellita Maloof



Led by Kellita Maloof, 13 women (like-minded and like-hearted) will be taking the Burlesque Cabaret to the streets, Showgirl Awakening style!

Together as a TROUPE, you will perform a choreographed dance, and an improvisational dance to interact, engage, and awaken the spirit of the audience.

No dance experience necessary. No solos (it is a troupe). Kellita will train you. Costumes will be themed and provided. The troupe will also have their own brass band, the Hot Pink Feathers All-Star Marching Band.


(Note: This is the ONLY Burlesque Cabaret in the parade)


“First, I just want to let you know that I'm so glad I did Carnaval with the Hot Pink Feathers!  I have always wanted to do the parade after years of being a spectator.  I could not have asked for a better experience in actually dancing in my first parade and could just feel the love and support from all the other ladies (and the band too). I do not think of myself as a performer, so to actually be out in public dancing - in a bra and thong no less- is no small accomplishment for me.  But it was also the collective joyful experience of being with the whole group that really carried the day for me. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH! End gushing (for now).
- Kathy W.


The Showgirl Awakening Difference

Often when humans have unwanted experiences in life, we seek to; transcend, ignore, suppress, or remove them. The path offered by SGA is not one of transcendence or avoiding human experience. It is about immanence and embodying what it means to be a woman in a body. To come into appreciation and experience that you are Life in a body. Together, we CELEBRATE!



What is Burlesque?


Traditionally, Burlesque was a term used for little acts, comedies, and dances that made FUN of the norm. Part of that included the striptease, where women end their act wearing less clothing than they did at the start (we won’t be removing clothing in this production). Burlesque at heart is about poking at the norm so you can invite the magic and mystery that lay outside its confines.


“Dancing the Carnaval with the Hot Pink Feathers is the most fun a girl can have with (some) of her clothes still on.  I had an incredible time dancing with a supportive and fun-loving group of women that felt like a tight family since day one.  I was new to the group and though many of them had been dancing together for a while, they were extremely welcoming, and the actual day of the Carnaval was an experience not to be missed.  I cannot think of a more entertaining way of building community than shimmying down Mission Street wearing something delicious and outrageous.”
- Maritza S.

Who is it For



v  Women wanting to re-connect and CELEBRATE their bodies and sensuality and feel what it is like to have every cell in your body hum!

v  Women who love and value COMMUNITY and group experiences, where they can feel safe and supported in being who they authentically are.

v  Women who are finally want to STEP OUT to do something for themselves. Typically, they feel they have dedicated their lives and energies to making sure everyone else is okay, but them. And feel guilty or ashamed about choosing what they want truly, and from the heart.


"Kellita makes you feel like an experienced dancer, even if you aren't!  She knows bodies and how to break things down in order to express the pure, simple dance lines that are naturally in your body and it will feel GOOD.  Like coming home to your own personal sparkly palace."
- Katie C.

Your Facilitator - Kellita Maloof

Kellita Maloof is an international Artist, Facilitator, Producer, and Dancer. For over 16 years, she has performed, designed, and curated shows all over the world; from San Francisco to New Orleans, Hollywood to Montreal, and Paris to Tokyo. Her achievements include:  founding award-winning troupe Hot Pink Feathers, Queen of Carnaval San Francisco 2008, 5 x FINALIST at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and 1st place in Original World Fusion Dance & Choreography in San Francisco’s Grand Carnaval Festival.


 “After dancing in the SF Carnaval parade with the Hot Pink Feathers I have a wonderful wealth of memories and I can't believe they're mine! Shimming for grandmas in a feathered headdress, swigs of bourbon with the band between numbers at practice, deeply supportive friendships with women I never would have met otherwise...I did all that!!! It creates a kind of confidence and sexuality that I don't have to fight for, I just get to enjoy. Never in my life have I had the opportunity to celebrate my body in this way, and now I don't think I'll ever stop!”
- Zoe Y.


Logistics & What’s Included

§  3 x Weekday Evening Classes (2 hours each). You will learn the essential SGA foundational movements, rehearse the choreographed dance, synchronize as a group in dance improvisation, and get tutoring on hair and make-up. [ Valued at $200 ]

§  1 x Live Rehearsal (3 hours) in the street on the day before the parade, supported by a 10-12 piece Hot Pink Feathers All-Star Marching Band. This is a dress rehearsal.  [ Valued at $200 ]

§  Costume Rental is included. And it will be themed for the performance!  [ Valued at $200 ]

§  A Professional Photographer & Videographer will be provided, recording documentary of the whole experience, and capturing the heart of the Troupe’s performance.  [ Valued at $300 ]

§  A whole day of full on Revelry as an Awakening Showgirl performing in full regalia [ Priceless ]


On the day of the parade, we will meet early to get ready together. After the parade, there will be a AFTER PARTY at a bar in the mission; food, drinks, informal show, and an opportunity to connect with friends and family J



Rehearsal :: Thursday March 23 7-9pm in San Francisco

Rehearsal :: Thursday May 18 evening 7-9pm in San Francisco

Rehearsal :: Thursday May 25 evening 7-9pm in San Francisco

Dress Rehearsal :: May 27 afternoon

Grand Parade :: May 28 all day


$397 Early Bird until March 15/ $497 March 16 on, should spaces remain  [ Valued at $900 ]


Get Started

Until March 15: (includes transaction fee)

After March 15: (includes transaction fee)



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