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We do this show twice a year (this was 2015 fall show)

We added a showing for Burlesque...from the Inside Out.

It's a Sunday matinee.

The Sunday ticket link just went live this afternoon.

See you at the show! 

PS If you find yourself in Santa Cruz that weekend, I'll be special guest-ing at the Sin Sisters Burlesque show at the Catalyst.  Tickets here.  Somehow it's my first time performing publicly in Santa Cruz EVER.  FB invite with more details.

PPS There are still some tickets left for the Friday evening Burlesque...from the Inside Out (aka BIO) show.

PPPS  Enjoy a bevy of photos from our last BIO show below.

PPPPS This will likely be our last run at Stagewerx, as this gem of a blackbox theater (that I can't say enough good about, is very popular and being booked out solidly into the foreseeable future.  See us where Burlesque...from the Inside Out was born!

PPPPPS  If you're wondering even for a second "why create sparkle art when the world appears to be falling apart, check out what my very wise colleague, Caroline Casey has this to say this:

"After Katrina, in New Orleans, I interviewed this old time New Orleans guy who runs the museum, the museum of feathers...the museum of carnaval and feathers.  And you know, he said this beautiful thing, because after Katrina in New Orleans, people were like 'Why are you wasting your time on costumes and feathers and theater?" and he said 'It's the soul of the community.  Without that, nothing.'"

PPPPPPS  Burlesque...from the Inside Out cabaret tix:  Friday & Sunday

PHOTOS from the last Burlesque...from the Inside Out below.  Enjoy!

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