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I've been having the experience of living more & more in the very center of myself.  
And it ROCKS.

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Let me see...where was I...?  Oh, yeah:

This is what Showgirl Awakening is all about, too:  guiding women to live in the very, very center of themselves.  This makes me happy.

Over the last 6 months, I've been in full teaching, guiding, learning, producing & performing mode.  Now, I'm in listening, visioning and discerning mode.

Some highlights:

In March, I graduated as a Master practitioner of Marin-Style NLP.  What did I learn at NLP Marin?  Well, I learned with great detail & nuance how humans are actually wired (including how I'm wired ; ), and how to rewire even the most tenacious unwanted beliefs (which produce the most gnarly unwanted experiences: including my own!).  In short, this work is good shit.

In April & May, I toured Europe and introduced 83 women to what it feels like to live Showgirl Awakeningly.  Blew my mind at how much this practice landed, cross-culturally and cross-language-wise.  We generated SO much Aliveness & Connection to ourselves & each other in our times together.

I returned to the Bay Area for the bulk of summer, both to teach and to learn.  I unexpectedly led a Carnaval SF *&* Pride Parade contingent again ; ).  And offered another round of 
my beloved signature SGA live programs (SAS & BIO), culminating in a stunning weekend of shows (see photos at the bottom of this email).

Last weekend I completed a post-graduate course in Holographic NLP (aka Holographic Mystery School).  The result is my living on the other side of some of my most painful beliefs that had been guiding my experience for most of my life.  Read:  arriving in, and enjoying being in, my very own skin in ways that I only dreamed of before.  Identity-level shift.

A bonus is that I have much more space within me, so I can hold it more for others.  This will come very much in handy as the Showgirl Awakening movement grows.  

In short, I'm full-to-brimming.  In a very centered, grounded way.  I'm embodying my Purpose as never before.  And I am ready to share how to have this with more of you than I ever have before.  

What does this mean for you?  Well, right now I'm inviting you to join me for a free online experience this month that shows you how to set yourself up to enjoy whatever is is that you have on your agenda. This core Showgirl Awakening practice allows you to create the backdrop for your life, for your feelings and for your experience.  

Not only will I explain how it works, but I'll give you a place to actually practice it -- because that's when the transformation occurs -- in the actual doing of the practice...which you have 97% higher chance of doing, when you have a place and group to do it with!...that's part of this free gift from me to you. 

Want this?  Reply to this email now with
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This section is for you if you know you want to work with me personally, but have been waiting for whatever reason:

THE SALE RACK  (the 50% off sales rack, no less!)

For the next 3 days, I'm offering a solid 50% savings on 1:1 sessions with me.

Got something you've been experiencing that you can't seem to shake, or move beyond no matter what you try or do?  1:1 sessions are great for moving even your stuckest stucky stuck stuff.

Or got something you've been calling in, perhaps for years or decades even, but it's still not here?

Or got something you'd really like to have or be, but you can hardly even admit it to yourself?

Full Price:  $225 for 90 minute session
50% Off SALE:  $112.50 for 90 minute session

(Sessions take place via Skype or Zoom all you need is an internet connection!)

To take advantage of this sale, send $112.50 per desired session via paypal to  Then email me at that same address to schedule (you have almost 3 months -- until November 29th -- to complete your sessions).

Tuesday, September 6th midnight PT.

Of course, if you have any questions, hit reply to this very email!


Are you still hangin' with me?  Rock out.  You made it way far down here.

What are you hungry for this fall?  I'd love to know as I'm in the deep listening phase of creating what's coming next in the Showgirl Awakening world, which I'm honored to steward, but it's here for YOU!  

Tell me your wildest dreams and how I can support!  (for reals, hit reply and GO!)

Eternal Love & Shimmies from the Very Center of Me to The Very Center of Beloved YOU!
Your Kellita

A few PHOTOS from the last Burlesque...from the Inside Out below.  Enjoy!

Want to feel like the women in these photos -- no matter what you're doing (onstage & off) -- reply to this email now with FREE TRANSFORMATION in the heading, and I'll make sure you receive guidance -- and the opportunity to implement it -- for free!

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