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Beloved Friend!

I read an email today from Carrie Klassen of Pink Elephant Communications.  I can't really call it an email...that's too banal.  It's a missive.  When she writes, it's like poetry, but poetry with a practical, tangible-ness.  She blends beauty & truth with function & strategy seemlessly, so that they are the same thing.  Ahhhhhhh.....that's it.  She has the magic of referring to wholeness--and expressing from wholeness--when she writes.

Yes!  (I have so many yeses when I read Carrie's words).

Well, this is the variety of wholeness that I experience when I dance.  And when I say dance, I don't mean "fancy pants dance" (ie full on dancer moves of pirouettes and leaps and splits).

I mean any conscious movements -- or conscious stillness contrasted with movement.  

THAT is dance for me.  Conscious embodiment.  It can be as simple as extending your arm, cocking your knee on purpose, swooshing down a hallway, stealing a hip circle at the water dispenser, twisting your torso as you lean in to share a secret.  

All of this is dance, in my book.  

Dance is creating with your body; it's choice made visible through the body.  It's embodied art, it's prayer, and it's totally mundane.  It's Life.  

And dance "performance" for me is when you willingly allow another human(s) to witness you moving consciously, with intention, with choice.  It's heightened attention from both witness (aka audience member) and performer.  

Dance "performance" is an attention agreement, a consciousness experiment.  A crucible. A transformation.  A giving voice to life through the body.  
And magic always comes from it.

I'm going to get meta for a minute:  when I sit down to write to you, with words exclusively, I often experience all manner of stickiness and stuckness and sit WAAAAAAAAAAY the frick too long feeling whole person constipated...not finding the words to share what I want to express, and feeling the loneliness and isolation and frustration of that.  I have often left the computer without following through on sharing anything with you at all.  

When that happens, when I allow myself to edit out what I have to share, that's when we all lose.  That's when I stabilize my separation from Self, my separation from Life. When I censor my contribution and my expression in this way, I choke Life.

A gem from Carrie's missive this morning is her summary of a tenet from A Course in Miracles:

 "what is missing in any given situation is what you are withholding."

I know so well the pain of withholding.  Of editting myself away.

I consciously choose expressing more and more over withholding.  

When I am using BOTH my body AND words, I personally find I can best tap into what I want to express and what wants to be expressed through me (where those 2 bubbles intersect is the JUICIEST place of expression I know).

Perhaps I should always create video word & body expression, rather than write...and always use body and words when "talking" with people....I am leaning that way already.

Another line in Carrie's missive today that really struck me is:  

What I do, through language, is make love and beauty and meaning and interconnection tangible."

This really stood out for me.  And I claim that, too.  I edit it slightly:  

"What I do through body (& word) language, is make love and beauty and meaning and interconnection tangible."

And I do that through not only MY body, but also, when invited to, I midwife it through YOUR body, too, through Showgirl 

I facilitate you making love and beauty and meaning and interconnection tangible as only YOU can.  Through your body.  I smile as I write this.  A smile from the inside out.  A deep, satisfying smile.  Followed by a deep breath of Yes.

There have been times (many) when I didn't share my expression with you, with the world...when I hid the gift of my words, thoughts, embodied expression because I feared it wasn't perfect or you might not get exactly what I was meaning or I might offend someone, somewhere.

I now know for sure that you likely won't get exactly what I mean, and that it certainly will offend someone, somewhere.  

And that's OK.  It's enough that I choose the words & the movements and embody them.
It's enough for you, too.

Would you like to stop editing and censoring yourself?

Is it time to cease withholding yourself from your life?

Is it time to show up and express and be your?

Could you use a fun and artful, sensual and playful context within which to practice creating and expressing yourself?

If this sounds about right, please join me for an experience of just such creating, just such choosing...where YOU are the work of art.  And it's your expression that is making love and beauty and meaning and interconnection tangible?

Join me for a taste of this February 4th, or for a full experience, culminating in a performance (as I describe above!) March 2nd-5th.  

Both experiences include both 1:1 work with me, plus small group support.  The latter is an immersive, intensive program that is designed specifically for busy women who might live in another city, state or country, but wish to experience a full Showgirl Awakening, but can't move to San Francisco for 6 weeks ; )

As always, hit reply now with any questions at all!

To you expressing YOU, with delight & ease, truth & beauty, & meaning & interconnection ~

From the center of me to the center of you,


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