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End of Summer Greetings Friend!

Fall is my very favorite season.  I *love* school.  I'm a life-long student by choice.

I also love teaching -- which I prefer to call facilitating, as I'm in the business of peddling transformation in lieu of information.

How would you like to be on the receiving end of a FREE back-to-school special 'challenge' I created?

It's a challenge that is focused on you daring to experience more and more of what you would actually like to.

Think about it for a second:  what would you like to experience more of?  less of?

How would you like to join a FREE 21-day challenge (the amount of time it takes to develop a habit), where all you do is choose 9 words per day to steer the very course of your life by choosing your custom backdrop.

Creating Awakening, Embodied Intentions is a staple Showgirl Awakening practice, and in this challenge I'll be sharing guidance every 2-3 days directly to your inbox to assist you in creating the most delicious, specific & effective change.

I ask that you share the invitation with 3 women you know who could benefit from bringing more consciousness to co-creating the lives they wish to live.  

Here's the invitation to share:

>>> To accept this Challenge, reply now with I ACCEPT! in the subject line.

With Shimmies of Appreciation for YOU, Friend,

PS I've been feeling more and more like my true self in the last weeks, and I had a rare photo shoot in 'regular' clothes that truly captures my Awakening Showgirl (without costume and showgirl makeup).  May we all awaken our inner showgirls, so we can live as Awakening Showgirls all the time, not just when we're onstage.

PPS Consider yourself hugged by me ; ) And take my below inspiration (from the photoshoot I mentioned above), and HUG YOURSELF right now ; )

PS  Invite friends to join us! Share this link:

 accept this Challenge, reply now with I ACCEPT! in the subject line.

Love & Shimmies,
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