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Friend ~

One of the main ways that I know to transmit Life, Aliveness & Homecoming is by sharing my live performance. 

We need all of us coming to Life *now*... if you need a recharge, I've got one for you this Friday evening.

It's my only San Francisco Bay Area burlesque show scheduled before 2017.

At the historic Yoshi's Jazz Club in Oakland.

I'm debuting a new number, and bringing a SF Bay Area premiere of another one.

For Yoshi's show tickets, click here.

And I now have a ticket link for my newest One Woman Show on Tuesday 
December 13th at The Flight Deck in Oakland..  It promises to be tender, vulnerable & intimate.  There will be 6 mini One Person Shows in the evening, each one more compelling than the next.  In other words:  don't miss it!  It's another big fill-the-tank sort of evening.

Embracing you,


PS  Friday 11/18 Yoshi's tickets HERE.

PPS  December One Woman Show tickets HERE.

If you're wondering even for a second "why create sparkle art when the world appears to be falling apart," check out what my very wise colleague, Caroline Casey has this to say this:

"After Katrina, in New Orleans, I interviewed this old time New Orleans guy who runs the museum, the museum of feathers...the museum of carnival and feathers.  And you know, he said this beautiful thing, because after Katrina in New Orleans, people were like 'Why are you wasting your time on costumes and feathers and theater?" and he said 'It's the soul of the community.  Without that, nothing.'"


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