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And NOW, with the CORRECT, current link dear Friend ~

Here's the promised (and working, correct and current) link for my newest One Woman Show (I had shared an incorrect link a couple days ago with a link to a show that had passed!)

This show is vulnerable...I want you to come...and I don't want you to come.  But really, I want you to come.

I'm sharing a recent story.  It's still alive in me.  Come live my discovery of it with me, for the first time in public.  There are 5 other super engaging solo shows you'll also be treated to.  I *adore* this genre of performance.

You can come out to a nearby diner with me and the whole cast afterwards, too, to bask in the afterglow and catch up a bit.

And this time the show is in OAKLAND!!!!  I know a lot of you are from the east bay and always ask me when I'll be teaching or performing over there:  well one week from today is one of those days.

Click here for FB invite.

Click here for ticket link.

Tuesday December 13th at The Flight Deck in Oakland.  Be there.

Shimmies of Appreciation for YOU,

PS  For tickets here.

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