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Ohmigosh Friend!

It's been so hard for me to sit on this for 3 months...
(It was only officially announced this week).

I've been invited to headline an international burlesque Osaka, Japan!!!  

But the part that brought me to tears of joy was specifically WHY I was chosen.

I was selected because I fit the following 5 criteria (copied and pasted from beloved Cherry Typhoon's invitation):

1)Burlesque Professional who works internationally 

2)Burlesque Professional who knows the beginning of NEO BURLESQUE

3)Burlesque Professional who understands how important metaphysical point of view in burlesque activity.

4)Burlesque Professional who knows Japanese Burlesque community

5)Burlesque Professional Whom I really trust and love.

That's you, Kellita! 
You are the most eligible person.
I know you are a shaman.

I would like to ask you to be the headliner of Burlesque-O-Futurama 2017 Osaka, Japan (April 14-16, Osaka, Japan). 

I of course told Cherry YES, and am thrilled to be staying 2 whole weeks, so I can offer 3 days of Showgirl Awakening workshops in Tokyo the following weekend.

Like me, Cherry--in her own words--
believes that burlesque is love as a conclusion.

My whole lifework is centered around this belief.  It funds all the programs & performances I create and offer the world.  

To LOVE, in all it's POWER, BEAUTY & SHAZAM, as expressed through burlesque and through your whole life as your work of art ~ ~ ~

Kellita, your Showgirl Shaman


PS  Upcoming SHOWS ::

January 23 :: The Goddess Project - Documentary Film, San Francisco Premiere at AMC Van Ness Theater (I'm honored to have been interviewed for this film; the filmmakers chose some of the most tender moments of our interview to include)

February 11
:: Kellita performs to Stairway to Heaven at Whole Lotta Love, a Led Zeppelin Burlesque show in Sebastopol, California

March 5
:: Save the Date for Burlesque...from the Inside Out Cabaret

courtesy of In Her Image photography

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