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Need some hugs, Friend, or got some to spare?  How about both???

Join me and my dear comrade-in-hugs Vitalia TODAY (now ; ), for a hearty session of FREE HUGS at the Powell St. cable car turnaround.  You can't miss me as I'll have antlers on.

We gather at 11:30am, but may be creating our sign off to the side for a spell, and will be out hugging away by noon at the latest.  We did it last year around this time and it was a joy.

Come just for a hug, or to join the hug team for 5, 10, 20 or more minutes.  Mostly, come.

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On January 23rd at AMC 20 Van Ness Theater, I'm producing a screening of an independent documentary that I'm in.  It's called The Goddess Project.  28 people already reserved their seats.  When 60 more people reserve their seat within 12 days, our screening is guaranteed to happen.

I do hope you'll come.  And bring your circle of friends ; )  

See a trailer here.

Reserve your seat here. 

Share the FB invite here.
Awakening alongside you,

PS  If you'd like to be on the priority list to hear about a live Showgirl Awakening immersion program I'm leading 
click here (you'll also get the treat of being delivered directly to a video by Ane Axford of Sensitive Leadership...everytime I hear her speak, I understand what it means to be an Awakening Showgirl...she inspires me so).  

In the words of another Awakening Showgirl and dear friend and mentor, Briana:

I see you.
I love you.
I am you.


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